Olympus America

Employment Agencies

While we are always looking for additional resources to identify and increase our talent pool, we do have a formal process for adding new vendors. Please note the following information:

  • If you are an employment agency that wishes to do business with Olympus America, Inc., please download and complete the Agency Questionnaire [xls]. The completed questionnaire may be forwarded to Staffing@Olympus.com. We will review questionnaires periodically, and if business dictates the need for a new agency, we may be in touch with you.
  • New vendors may be selected on limited basis throughout the year. If we wish to engage in business or learn more about your agency, Olympus Human Resources will contact you for further information.
  • Unsolicited resumes from employment agencies will not be honored as valid submissions.
  • Agencies are vendors of the Olympus Human Resources Department. Consequently, we politely ask agencies not to solicit our business managers directly.