[ib] Enhanced Image Organization Software
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Versatile Editing Features

Edit your pictures with [ib]’s many built-in editing features.

In addition to Rotate, Crop and Tilt, [ib] includes many convenient editing features such as Instant Fix, Red-Eye Fix, Beautifier, Effects and Filters. [ib] shows before and after effects for side by side comparison.


Instant Example

Adjusts underexposed areas of a picture without overexposing highlights.

Red-Eye Fix

Red-Eye Fix Example

Fixes red-eye on a picture with the click of a button.



Crop Example

Crops part of a picture to get a closer view of the subject and remove unnecessary sections.


Beautifier Example

Smoothes wrinkles and blemishes on the subject’s face and brightens the eyes.



Effects Example

Adjusts the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue or sharpness/blur.


Filters Example

Adds vignette, soft focus, or color filters to a picture.


RAW Development Features with Advanced Usability

You can develop RAW images taken with OLYMPUS digital cameras using the original settings or adjust the exposure compensation, color temperature, picture mode, contrast, saturation, picture tone, gradation or add a black and white or noise filter.

You can also add Art Filters… Adjustments are applied non-destructively so that you can always go back to the original and re-edit at any time.

*The settings that are available for adjustment depend on the camera the RAW image was taken with. All features are not available on all cameras.

RAW Editing Example

You can also add Art Filters to pictures captured by any OLYMPUS digital camera that supports them. After adjusting a picture's settings or adding effects to it, you do not need to save it as a new file since the original picture can be restored and re-edited at any time.

* Adjustable settings differ depending on the camera that captures the RAW image. RAW development features may not be available for RAW images captured by certain cameras.

  • TG-820 IHS Now Available