Olympus EndoTherapy Products

At Olympus EndoTherapy, our goal is to offer the most advanced, minimally invasive GI endoscopic devices so that you can provide the best care to your patients. Whether it’s disposable or reusable devices, or open- or closed-system solutions, our complete endoscopic product lines ensure the perfect solution for any of your clinical needs.

NEW V-System for ERCP

A revolutionary system that simplifies and enhances the efficiency of therapeutic ERCP, the V-System seamlessly integrates the Olympus V-Scope with Olympus ERCP devices.


A comprehensive lineup of ERCP devices designed for procedural simplicity and the ultimate in device control.


Stop GI bleeding faster and more safely with our wide assortment of hemostasis tools.

Tissue Acquisition

Minimally invasive devices to facilitate retrieval of tissue samples for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

Foreign Body Retrieval

Retrieve coins, batteries, marbles, and more with our extensive line of endoscopic devices that will prepare you for any situation.


For accurate diagnosis of lung cancer and other conditions, look to our full line of pulmonary devices designed for easy access to the lungs’ central and peripheral walls.

Endoscope Accessories

From cleaning brushes and mouthpieces to biopsy valves and polyp traps, everything you need to care for your endoscope and your patients.


Specifically designed for GI labs, our electrosurgical generators combine safety and effectiveness in cutting and coagulation.


Experience exceptional performance in the challenging anatomy of the small bowel with our complete line of enteroscopy devices for a total small bowel solution.

To order endoscopic devices or request an in-person demonstration, contact an Olympus EndoTherapy representative by calling 800.387.0437.

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