Reduces overall procedure time
See more, search less with wide-angle imaging.
Superior handling with innoflex™.
Enhanced visibility with forward water jet.
The new standard in EGD
Full-screen image.
Slim, 8.8mm insertion tube.
Enhanced control and versatility.
Amazing versatility in a 4.9mm EGD scope
Greater patient convenience.
Full functionality.
Feature-rich, 11.3mm slim colonoscope
Full-screen image.
Enhanced visibility with forward water jet.
Superior handling with innoflex™.

Would you like to have more time in your workday?
Olympus introduces the CF-Q180A video colonoscope, featuring new technology that will help you see more, search less and effectively reduce procedure time. This is accomplished through the use of a newly designed proprietary lens that gives
you a 170º field of view. This new wider field of view facilitates insertion and observation. All of this leads to reduced procedure time, which means more time for you to see more patients, book more procedures or even go home early.
Finally, your workhorse gastroscope gets an upgrade in image and a slimdown in size.
The GIF-Q180 is a thin 8.8mm in diameter. However, this slimmed down version doesn’t mean you have to compromise your video image, as this scope provides the full-screen, high-resolution image you are currently enjoying in scopes 9.5mm or greater in diameter.
With a large, beautiful endoscopic image and a 2.0mm working channel, the new GIF-N180 accomplishes everything that your standard diameter EGD scope does. Amazingly, this marvel of compact design is only 4.9mm in diameter.

You told us you wanted a slim colonoscope with a full-screen image and auxiliary forward water jet. DONE!
Introducing the PCF-Q180A. A new pediatric colonoscope with a high-resolution, full-screen image and forward water jet to facilitate cleaning.
For additional product information contact an Olympus Representative.

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