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VivaView® FL Incubator Fluorescence Microscope

The VivaView FL provides a fully integrated and motorized inverted microscope to allow high quality, long-term time-lapse imaging in a constant and optimized environment. Multiple locations in up to 8 samples can be imaged simultaneously with fluorescence or Differential Interference Contrast. Simple, intuitive computer operation removes all the difficulty previously associated with configuring a live cell imaging system. The VivaView FL is the next generation in live-cell imaging providing researchers the ability to image cells for significant longer than has previously been possible with absolute control of the surrounding environment.
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Objective UPLSAPO40x (NA 0.95, WD 0.18mm)
Intermediate magnifications 0.5x/1x/2x, Motorized magnification changer
Morphological observation (Transmitted light) Light source 1W LED (625nm)
Contrast method Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)
Condenser NA 0.55, FS fixed (rectangle), DIC prism fixed
Fluorescence Observation (incident light) Light Source X-Cite eXacte Pre-aligned 2000 hour DC lamp with Closed - Loop Feedback, Adjustable Iris, Liquid Light Guide
Excitation change Motorized 6 position, 1 for transmitted light
Motorized Stage Stroke 10mm x10mm, each dish
Sample Capacity Glass bottom dishes with 35mm diameter, up to 8
Sample Tray Can be easily put on and taken off, autoclave capability, include 8 lids with glass window for the glass bottom dishes with 35mm diameter.
Focus Objective drive, motorized up/down control
Operation Jog dial control
Camera Cooled CCD camera, -35oC air cooled
2/3" (8.67mm x 6.60mm), 1344 x 1024 pixels
12 bits or 16 bits
Liquid handling assist (BTO option) Motorized open/close control of designated dish. Manual pipetting through the small opening on the internal door of the incubator.
Imaging software MetaMorph
CO2Incubator Temperature 37°C
Accuracy +/- 0.3°C (ambient temperature 25oC, no load)
Humidity 95% +/- 5% RH
CO2Concentration 0-20%
Accuracy +/- 0.15% (ambient temperature 25°C, no load)
Operating conditions Temperature 15°-28°C
Humidity Less than 80% RH
Dimensions of main body 710mm x 630mm x 1170mm
Weight 150kg
Electricity power consumption Main body 500VA
PC and monitor About 400VA
  • CX22IX3
  • Specialty Objectives DP80
  • CX22LV200
  • VS120 Slide SystemAndor
  • Imaris by Bitplane cellsens Digital Imaging Software