30X and 60X Silicone Oil Objectives

Fluorescence image of a transgenic zebrafish embryo at 26 hpf expressing zFucci. Courtesy of Dr. Mayu Sugiyama, Dr. Atsushi Miyawaki, Laboratory for Cell Function Dynamics, Advanced Technology Development Core, RIKEN Brain Science Institute

Video 1

Image data courtesy of Hidehiko Inagaki, Anderson lab, California Institute of Technology. Image shows CFP and YFP labelling of glycerol cleared fruit fly brain taken with Olympus FluoView FV1000 confocal microscope using 30x silicone objective.

Minimizing spherical aberration and
delivering higher resolution at greater depths

  • Improved optical performance for live cell confocal, wide-field fluorescence, multiphoton, and differential interference contrast (DIC)
  • Ideal for long-term time-lapse imaging
  • Enhance image resolution and contrast by adjusting correction collar
  • 30X silicone objective for large field of view at high resolution
  • High numerical apertures and transmission for use in both multiphoton and single-photon microscopy


Model Magnification N.A. W.D.(mm) Immersion
of View
Cover Glass
Temperature DIC
UPLSAPO60X 60X 1.3 0.3 Silicone oil
22 0.15-0.19mm 23-37°C Yes
UPLSAPO30X 30X 1.05 0.8 Silicone oil
22 0.13-0.19mm 23-37°C Yes

Silicone Immersion Oil SIL300CS-30SC

  • Refractive index: ne=1.406, 23C
  • Net: 30ml
  • Low autofluroescence

UPLSAPO30XS and UPLSAPO60X, Silicone
Immersion Objectives for Live Imaging

This immersion objective is designed exclusively for use with silicone oil, which has a refractive index even closer to live cells than that of water. Time-lapse observations become more reliable and less elaborate because silicone oil does not dry at 37°C and its refractive index remains constant. This objective also offers a long working distance to enable observation at deeper tissue levels and across broader fields. In a nutshell, this silicone objective offers a comprehensive solution for both large field of view and deep tissue observation in the fields of generative and regenerative science.

  • CX22IX3
  • Specialty Objectives DP80
  • CX22LV200
  • VS120 Slide SystemAndor
  • Imaris by Bitplane cellsens Digital Imaging Software