Ultra 25X MPEWater Immersion Objective

Engineered specifically for
two-photon excitation and deep imaging

Optimal performance in IR range
New coating gives more than 82% transmittance from 400-1000nm

Correction collar creates very small focal spot even in deep imaging, compensating for refractive index mismatch

FV1000MPE light path engineered to completely fill back aperture and make full use of resolution available from 1.05 N.A.

Transgenic zebrafish with cell membranes labeled with CFP. CFP is shown in green and YFP in magenta. Image data provided by Dr. Rachel O. Wong and Philip Williams, Department of Biological Structure, University of Washington.

XLPL25XWMP Basic Specifications

  Parfocal length 75mm  
  Magnification 25X  
  N.A. 1.05  
  WD 2.0mm  
  Correction collar 0-0.23mm  
  F.N. 18  
  Max. angle for
  • CX22IX3
  • Specialty Objectives DP80
  • CX22LV200
  • VS120 Slide SystemAndor
  • Imaris by Bitplane cellsens Digital Imaging Software