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DIVERSITY & INCLUSION Olympus’ global vision is to contribute to society by making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling around the world. To help achieve this vision, we must better understand and embrace the diversity that makes up our society. This commitment will inform the ideal Olympus culture, guide recruiting and supplier efforts, enhance our ability to meet the needs of our customers and enable us to be more involved in the communities in which we live and work. -Nacho, Abia, President and CEO, Olympus Corporation of the Americas

Colleague Affinity Networks

Across Olympus, employees connect and build relationships through Colleague Affinity Networks (CANs). These special interest groups celebrate our commonalities and increase understanding of our differences through group meetings, education, special events and team projects. Each CAN is open to anyone who works at Olympus, and employees are welcome to start a new CAN.

The African American INtercultural Network (AAICAN) is dedicated to strengthening the Company’s commitment to African American employees through professional development, career management, mentoring, exposure and networking.
The Asian INterCultural Network (ACAN) is a special interest group created to support the personal and professional development of its members across Olympus, building greater awareness of rich and diverse Asian cultures through engagement within the Company and the community.
The LGBT Network CAN (LGBTCAN) promotes awareness about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues, provides a forum for employees to network and engages in outreach activities that reinforce Olympus’ standing as a diverse organization. It aims to create an environment where LGBT members of the Company can develop and grow to their full potential.
The INterFaith Network (IFCAN) seeks to unite employees of all faiths, seekers, and those of no faith through open dialogue and education that is absent of proselytizing. It is a welcoming, respectful and nurturing community for employees of all spiritual paths and backgrounds, holding to the realization of our common humanity to act with kindness, compassion and respect towards others.
The INterGenerational Network (IGCAN) provides an opportunity for all Olympus employees to engage in meaningful dialogue about generational similarities and differences. By sharing their own experiences and by listening to the thoughts and opinions of others, employees of every age group can grow both personally and professionally, learning from each other’s stories and perspectives.
The Veteran Network (VCAN) strives to improve the lives of Olympus’ military veterans and their families; enhance career opportunities, employee engagement, philanthropy and community efforts; and create ambassadors for Olympus in the broader military community. Olympus is a proud signer of the ESGR Statement of Support for the Guard and Reserve.
The INterabilities Network (ICAN) encourages members of the Olympus disability community to network, share disability-related information and create awareness about the talents and contributions of Olympus employees with disabilities. It works to raise awareness about disability employment issues and recognize the contributions of workers with disabilities.
The Latino INtercultural Network (LCAN) advocates for cultural appreciation and offers networking opportunities for Olympus’ Latino community. Members are encouraged to volunteer and take advantage of Latino cultural experiences. It is the LCAN’s goal to become a significant resource that substantially contributes to the recruitment, engagement, retention and development of Latino employees.
The Women CAN is a special interest group that promotes female leadership and excellence in the Olympus workplace. This group is dedicated to attracting, retaining and motivating women with broad perspectives and industry experience to support Olympus’ increasingly global and diverse client base. The Women CAN includes six sub-groups: Work Life Balance; Barriers in Leadership; Networking; Volunteering; Mentor, Coach and Sponsor; and Mother Interests/Resources.

Additional D&I Initiatives

In addition to our Colleague Affinity Networks (CANs) we are also building upon the following initiatives:

  • Diversity education for employees
  • Inclusion training and resources for people managers
  • Leader accountability for diversity and inclusion outcomes
  • Internal pipeline of diverse leaders