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Peace of mind.

In the 21st century, it’s crucial to protect your investment on multiple levels. Failsafe security is essential, especially when it comes to the compliance and trust requirements of your business partners. That’s why Professional Dictation Systems offer numerous features that ensure peace of mind for you – and them.

What really matters

Olympus prides itself in knowing that every solution it produces offers solid dependability. Its Professional Dictation Systems are no different. Each element is an example of the absolute latest technologies, exceeding expectations with robust functions that let you focus on the things that really matter

Latest industry standard

Since Olympus was one of the architects of the industry standard DSS technology, the sound quality from its DSS Pro professional digital recorders delivers crystal clear dictation files for transcription and speech recognition. In addition, you can archive your recordings without any quality loss, which means they are safely preserved for the future. All that while reducing the load on your IT infrastructure and delivering the best security in the business.

Data security

For many professionals, voice data needs to remain hush-hush. In today’s business world, confidentiality is more important than ever before. As a starting point, the system can be seamlessly integrated into the security architecture of your network. Then the audio stored on your centralized network can easily be protected by providing unique user IDs. Moreover, the controls on each digital dictation device make it virtually impossible to accidentally erase any of the data you’ve recorded.

In addition, Professional Dictation Systems recorders and software have high-tech features such as security locks, password protection and the ability to encrypt and decrypt audio files. For absolute discretion, a unique state of-the-art biometric fingerprint lock function recognizes you and ensures that only you can provide access to the valuable information saved on your recorder.

  • TG-820 IHS Now Available