Professional Dictation

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Understanding Professional Needs

Your success never sounded better.

Thoughts come to life and transfer the knowledge at the heart of your business when they are spoken. Reliable and clear communication is the true source of success in today’s professional world.

Olympus - a world leader

Olympus has been one of the market leaders for integrated audio solutions at the enterprise level for a long time. With extensive experience in the field, Olympus understands the needs of businesses of all sizes. Clients in sectors such as Government, Healthcare and Law have come to depend on Olympus for long-term sustainability and high-tech precision. After firmly establishing a reputation for innovative solutions tailored to meet specific demands, Olympus successfully created the perfect 360° solution: Professional Dictation Systems.

Our aim

At Olympus we aim to make life simpler and more efficient for people. Our high-end products and solutions are impressive, but we never forget that you and your business are our core focus. A new era of dictation has arrived. With Olympus Professional Dictation Systems, today’s audio notation is about more than just premium hardware. It’s also about organizing efficient workflows to exchange and process the valuable thoughts and knowledge you have in mind.

What we deliver to you

As a respected international brand with a solid global presence, Olympus understands your specific needs. Naturally, every Professional Dictation Systems component is designed to meet your demanding dictation requirements by providing the superior quality that is the Olympus hallmark.

Olympus’ first-class dictation devices are integrated with robust cross-platform solutions so that you can use your existing network to easily share and process audio files with a team of transcribers, a colleague or throughout a corporation.

Speak to the experts

With Olympus, the entire process is in safe hands; from initial thoughts to the spoken word and the process of documentation for your records. Olympus Professional Dictation Systems are distributed exclusively via a network of authorized digital dictation specialists. Olympus draws on the expertise of these handpicked specialists to meet your every demand by providing customized advice and consultation on the ground. Real people, real solutions.

  • TG-820 IHS Now Available