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  • Built-in stereo microphones.
  • 512MB internal flash memory.
  • WMA recording format.
  • 138 hours of recording time in LP mode.
  • Six recording modes: use STXQ, STHQ and STSP for stereo recording or HQ, LP and SP for extended recording.
  • Low Cut Filter minimizes low frequency sounds, such as air conditioner background noise, when recording.
  • Variable Control Voice Activator (VCVA) records only when sound is sensed.
  • Long-life battery lasts for 19 hours of continuous operation.


  • Five file folders, each holding up to 200 files, provide unparalleled organization.
  • Up to 16 index marks can be set in a file.
  • As a USB storage device, the WS-210S can store a variety of files in addition to audio files.
  • Lock files to avoid files being accidentally erased.


  • "USB Direct" design provides easy connection to a PC.
  • High-speed USB 2.0 provides fast download times.


  • Voice Filter enhances the human voice by cutting low and high frequency noises during playback.
  • Slow and fast playback speed variations.