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Product: VN-5000 [ change ]

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VN-5000 Features

  • 2 Playback Modes
    Slow and Fast Playback modes let you listen to audio 25 percent slower or 50 percent faster than real time.
  • Easy File Management
    Easy file management functions allow you to erase single files, multiple files as well as transfer files. Contains four folders and each folder stores up to 100 files.
  • Large LCD
    Large LCD for easy, quick viewing of file locations, recording status and battery life.
  • 604 Hours and 15 Minutes Recording Time
    Record up to 604hrs and 15minutes of uninterrupted audio in LP mode.
  • 3 Recording Modes
    Select from three recording modes to meet your specific needs: HQ for high quality; SP and LP for extended recording.
  • Index Marks
    Index marks let you specify a particular point in a recording or playback for easy retrieval.
  • Timer Recording
    Use the timer recording option to set a start and end time for a particular recording.
  • Alarm Playback
    Playback a pre-selected file at a specific time for reminders or wake-up calls.