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D1000 Digital Recorder

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  • Removable flash memory miniature card lets you store audio files and transfer them to a PC
  • Customized ViaVoice software quickly converts speech into text
  • Digital technology allows editing freedom-insert, delete or overwrite at will
  • Sound files can be individually locked to prevent erasure
  • Slimline design fits comfortably in hand or pocket
  • Advanced compression technology delivers fast network or e-mail transfer
  • DSS compatibility ensures fast, secure data transfer
  • Record 16 minutes in standard mode, 34 minutes in long mode on a 2 MB card (4 MB and 8 MB cards are available)
  • Includes PCMCIA adapter for easy transfer to laptop computer
  • Optional desktop reader available (compatible with Windows NT 4.0)

System Requirements

Windows 95 and 98

Pentium 133 MHz or higher


CD-ROM drive

125 MB hard disk space

SoundBlaster 100% compatible

Line-in input support