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Product: DS-320 [ change ]

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  • Has 16MB of built-in memory providing for up to 320 minutes of high-quality recording time in Digital Speech Standard (DSS) format (ideal for sending email to colleagues and friends)
  • Two (2) folders for organizing notes under separate subjects with 99 messages per folder. These messages can also be easily moved from one folder to another for organization purposes
  • LCD display helps you check remaining recording time, date and time, voice activation mode, play mode (SP/LP) and battery status
  • Two (2) recording modes: SP - 150 minutes standard mode/LP - 320 minutes long mode
  • Voice activation will only record when microphone senses sound. Option of choosing between two different microphone settings (high and low) for voice activation
  • Provides an external earphone jack so you can utilize earphones or headphones for private review of recordings
  • Provides an external microphone jack for use with external noise-cancellation microphones (Model ME-12)
  • Fast playback: 30% faster than real time
  • Partial erase lets you erase one message at a time or an entire folder at once