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DM-1 Digital Voice Recorder

Product: DM-1 Digital Voice Recorder [ change ]

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  • DM-1 supports removable SmartMediaTM cards for recording of speech or music files
  • Built-in WOWTM sound system produces rich bass, clear three-dimensional sound and user-selectable 5-setting equalizer
  • USB-compatible for quick and easy downloading of speech or music files
  • Includes three folders, each capable of storing up to 199 messages, for voice file management
  • Two recording modes: SP mode and LP mode
  • Microphone Sensitivity Selector and Voice Activation modes allow for hands-free recording
  • Comes with Instruction Manual; Case; 2 x AAA Battery; CD-ROM: DSS Player and Music; Earphones (Stereo); USB Cable; 64MB SmartMedia Card
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