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  • 32MB of built-in memory provides up to 11 hours of recording time (up from the 16MB and 5 hours offered by its predecessor, the DS-330).
  • USB docking station offers quick and easy downloading of files from recorder to computer.
  • DS-660 and software are compatible with both PC and Mac® computers.
  • Noise Cancel feature can be activated during playback to reduce noise for clearer listening.
  • Convenient "NEW" button enables you to quickly end one recording and begin another.
  • Five (5) folders hold up to 199 files in each for easy file management.
  • Full-dot LCD with contrast adjustments makes displayed recording information easy to read.
  • Voice Activation feature automatically begins and stops recording as it senses volume to conserve memory and offer hands-free recording.
  • DSS recording format provides superb clarity.
  • Included DSS Player software lets you easily play back, organize and edit files.
  • Mark your recordings with Index marking so you can easily return to specific sections.
  • Play files 50% faster or 25% slower than normal with the Fast/Slow Playback feature.
  • Diminutive size lets you hold, use and carry the DS-660 comfortably.
  • Comes with Instruction Manual; Case; 2 x AAA Battery; CD-ROM: DSS Player Pro; USB Cable; Cradle
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