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Welcome to Olympus America's Learning Center section. Here you can find helpful tips and information towards the purchase of a variety of products such as Digital Cameras, Film Cameras, Binoculars, Printers, and Voice Recorders.

Online Lessons   Tips & Tricks
With knowledge comes power - especially when learning about your digital camera and its many exciting features. Learn the basics about getting started and discover great tips for capturing images.   Whether you're a novice or a pro with your Digital Camera or Film Camera, there's bound to be some helpful information here regarding your product that can lead to an easier user-experience...and one that produces better results, too.
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Glossary   Photo School
Learn all about the terminology associated with Digital Cameras, Film Cameras, Binoculars, Voice Recorders and Printers.   Our mission is to give each student the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of digital photography in an informative, interactive and fun environment.
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