Professional Dictation

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Reliability In Your Hands

Reliability in your hands and on your network - Olympus’ reputation as a leading cross-platform supplier is outstanding in the digital dictation solution industry, ensuring that your workflow is effectively handled today and tomorrow.

Integrated solutions

In a connected world you need the ability to sync up with networked information whenever it suits you. With traditional recording technologies, that was impossible. With Olympus Professional Dictation Systems, it became the standard. They provide integrated solutions ideally suited for taking dictation, keeping audio notes and capturing conference presentations.

One step ahead

Olympus Professional Dictation Systems are also extraordinarily flexible because they can be combined with powerful accessories like the Olympus barcode scanner which helps to incorporate voice data into existing information management solutions. Thereby Olympus constantly stays one step ahead, developing interfaces today that ensure users are able to benefit from future innovations.

Always running smoothly

But what really makes Olympus Professional Dictation Systems impressive is that the range is tailored to improve the lives of the people behind the scenes. Its cross-platform software works harmoniously on all leading network architectures. And because files are centrally located and managed, your IT department can be sure that things are always running smoothly. With features like these, it makes it easy for managers to keep overhead costs down, revenue flowing in and a smile on the faces of IT administrators.

Stable platform for the future

Professional Dictation Systems ensure a stable platform for today’s professional requirements. And, because Olympus believes in planning for the future, Professional Dictation Systems solutions are ready for what tomorrow brings by ensuring that the technology is compatible with all leading platforms.